What do you need to know about PDUs?

Bulk Load PDUs

The Mile Hi Chapter loads PDUs for chapter members that attend a chapter-sponsored event.  Special notes regarding the bulk load of PDUs:

  • Chapter members' PDUs will be auto-loaded by the chapter. Non-chapter members must register their own PDUs with PMI Global

  • PDUs are loaded to PMI Global a week post-event on Fridays (e.g., if the event fell on Wednesday the PDUs will be loaded a week and two days later on Friday)

  • Virtual meeting attendees must log in to the virtual meeting with the name that they registered for the meeting. Attendees must be shown in the meeting system as logged in to the meeting for at least 2/3 of the meeting; otherwise, the attendee’s PDUs will not be loaded and the attendee must accurately report the PDUs themselves

  • Please do not load your PDUs for the event unless you know that based on the above, we cannot do it for you, otherwise, Global will have two claims for the same event for you and it will be double-counted.  See below on how to modify a previously loaded claim

Modify Previously Loaded PDUs

Have you ever needed to leave an event early and the PDUs loaded automatically?  Now PMI Global allows for you to change the PDUs that have been loaded after they have been approved. 

Log in to PMI Global and navigate to MyPMI.  Click on View PDUs then Claim History. Under Claim History, locate the event and click the event name.  At the bottom of the entry, click on Retract and Edit.  Continue through the process and update the PDUs to the correct amount.  Submit to save.  

PDUs Changed December 1, 2015 

The minimum number of PDUs for Education activities increases and the maximum number of PDUs for activities that Give Back to the Profession decreases. It also provides direction for Education activities aligned with the three areas of focus for the PMI Talent Triangle.  Click here to review the how the skills align.

The number of maximum PDUs you earn participating in activities that give back to the profession (i.e., creating project management knowledge, volunteering, and working as a practitioner) has been updated. Those PDU requirements are listed in this chart.

There are different renewal requirements for the Education and Giving Back categories based on the expiration date of the certification cycle. Please refer to the table in this link.

Need more information?

For more information, webinars and FAQs, click here to go to the PMI Global site.  Check out the new CCR Handbook as well.