5 Things a Project Manager Should Do To Succeed in 2016

Success is hard to define but let me take a swipe at it. To me, success means that I met the plan, I did what I wanted to do, I accomplished what I set out to do. Which brings me to most important things you should do to succeed in 2016…

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Think You’re Cut Out for PM in 2016? Take This Quiz!

There are definitive changes to follow as 2016 progresses and many of them can be the difference between projects’ life and death. Take this short 5 question survey and see if your company will be able to cope with these changes.

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How to Overcome Your Worst Project Problems

Allow me to ask you a question. When you face life’s most difficult problems, do you run away from your problems? Successful individuals, groups, and organizations have a habit of running TOWARD their problems, not away from them.

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