3 Modern Job Search Tactics for Project Managers

Job search tacticsThe way we find jobs today has changed. In these modern times, job seekers look to the Internet instead of the newspaper. 

Human-voiced resumes delivered over e-mail or other digital channels are more commonplace, and the ever important cover letter has also gotten an overhaul.

That said, it makes sense that those seeking project management positions should also change their approach to match the current trends. To give yourself the best chance of finding that dream job, consider using these ...

3 Modern Job Search Tactics for Project Managers

1. See Yourself as a Brand

Brand management is not just for large corporations. How others view you is important when you're looking for your next (better) job, so start refining your personal brand. Think about how you want to be perceived and the characteristics you want to be known for. 

Your image — how you present yourself, your working style, how you manage conflict and change (and more) — will be important to potential employers, so why not put your best foot forward? Do you want to be considered as a leader and effective team player, or as someone who is not worth hiring?

"You need to be viewed as credible if you want to be highly effective and get the recognition, resources, and trust you deserve." ~Patty Azzarello

Don't leave your personal brand to languish. Instead, take charge of it and start taking steps to polish your image and reputation.

This year's Symposium Closing Speaker and author of Rise: 3 Practical Steps for Advancing Your Career, Standing Out as a Leader, and Liking Your Life, Patty Azzarello explains that you can be authentic, talk about your accomplishments, and still be humble. 

You must be visible so that others know exactly who you are and what to expect from you as an employee and as a team member. Do as Patty suggests and "share things of real value" so you can build your brand.

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2. Recognize the Value of Certification

Project management certifications are a great complement to your brand. Earning certifications, like Project Management Professional® (PMP®) credential, shows the value you place a high value on performing at your best. 

Like other accomplishments, certification allows you to stand apart from others and indicates to prospective employers that you have strong skills and a proven track record (i.e., 5 years) as a project manager. And, adding your certification credentials to your resume, e-mail signatures, and online profiles gives you the credibility that Patty Azzarello talks about — even without you having to say a single word.

" ... customers and prospects are demanding certified project managers because they understand the importance of strong project management discipline in delivering successful projects."

Here's another reason why employers will find you more attractive: certification signifies that you'll help their organization be more effective and profitable. Be sure to add certification to your to do list as you build your brand.

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3. Attend Networking Events

Is all your networking done online? Are you frequenting LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities? Social media is a great way to meet others without limitations placed on geography.

But, even in those online groups and communities, you'll notice that members of those groups want to meet up and connect face-to-face. And, there are very good reasons for that.

At in-person events, you get the opportunity to:

  1. Build trust and develop relationships with your peers and potential employers
  2. Find others who you can work with on special projects
  3. Meet new people and grow your network
  4. Be more visible and memorable!

So, schedule time to attend business networking events, as well as those specifically for project managers, like the Denver-based Meetup hosted by the PMI Mile Hi Chapter.

" ... offline networking efforts to meet people and get introductions are a far more effective way to land jobs—especially since 80% of jobs aren't publicly advertised ... "

Then, be sure to re-connect online with those that you meet for the first time. Consider sending a personalized connection requests on LinkedIn or invite them to professional Facebook groups they might benefit from joining. Keep connected online, but don't underestimate the huge value of in-person events — even those scheduled during Happy Hour.

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Ready to revitalize your personal brand and to learn how to take your career to the top? You won’t want to miss “Rise" author, Patty Azzarello, at the 2015 PMI Mile Hi Symposium. Join us!

Today's post was written by content marketer and productivity consultant, Deb Lee, CPO®..

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