3 Ways to Take Control of Your Time and Be More Productive

Today's post was written by Ashley René Casey, a keynote speaker at PMI Mile Hi's Women in Project Management Leadership annual event.

If you find yourself being pulled multiple directions and never really feeling satisfied, you might not be spending your time right. As difficult as it might be, you must make time work for you. To help you get started, keep reading to learn about three things to remember as you build your day.

3 Ways to Take Control of Your Time and Be More Productive


Above all your health must come first. If you are not healthy you cannot serve. Making time for self-care is not selfish, it is necessary.

Second to health is stealth, or relationships with others. Once time passes there is no going back. Nurture relationships with your loved ones, make time to laugh and live.

And finally, wealth. Earning income is essential to maintaining a quality of life, just don't make it your life.


Give others a chance to try. If you are constantly doing everything for everyone then they will never learn the value of DOING. Not to mention, by doing everything for everyone, we cut into time for ourselves and the things that matter to us. 

We must be willing to trust those around us to do things as well. Do not be afraid of letting go. It is quite liberating.


For many people, especially women, this is the most difficult thing when it comes to blending work and life. Whether it stems from a feeling of guilt or fear or not wanting to disappoint, we tend say "yes" when we want to say "no." 

Too often we stretch ourselves thin and end up stressing ourselves out. One word can change all of that. No. If you struggle with this, practice in the mirror, "NO."

Finding the right ways to spend our time can be a challenge. For many, it does not come naturally; but with practice, you can achieve harmony in your life. Give yourself grace and start off with something simple. Continue to challenge yourself and watch your confidence swell as you return as the rightful owner of your time. 


About the Author

Ashley René Casey is Owner and CEO of Be Bold and Speak, a communication and leadership coaching and consulting firm committed to helping clients remove barriers so they can share their message more effectively. Her professional experience as a leader at a Fortune 500 company, coupled with her personal experience as lead singer in a rock band has given her a unique perspective on communicating and connecting with others. In addition to speaking, Ashley René is the author of the Back Pocket Business Guide Series. Ashley René resides in Fort Worth, TX with her two sons and their dog MC Mikey.


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