5 More Benefits of Volunteering

There are many benefits of volunteering. In fact, we shared a few in this post, 5 Benefits of Volunteering.
And, today, we're sharing five more reasons you should consider giving your time to others.


5 More Benefits of Volunteering

1. Feel happier

Meeting new people is one of the many benefits of volunteering. And, you may also notice that you start feeling "helper's high" or a boost in your own happiness.

Helping others can also be a distraction from the day-to-day stress you may be feeling and help you put things into perspective. The positive energy you feel can be a wonderful side effect of being altruistic.

2. Challenge yourself

Volunteering for an organization you've never worked with before or in a new role can present new and exciting challenges. You'll find ways to use your skills differently or perhaps learn new ones. In essence, you'll be learning and pushing yourself forward while helping.


"Although acts of kindness directly benefit the well-being of the recipient, they also create a pleasurable “helper’s high” that benefits the giver." [Source: Scientific American]


3. Increase self-confidence

We mentioned previously that you'll likely learn new skills when you work with others or take on a new challenge. Once you've mastered a new skill or found ways to use new strategies, your self-confidence can skyrocket. 

And, the positive emotions you feel can help keep you motivated so you can contribute your best work. 

4. Leave your mark

Volunteering can give you a chance to improve upon already created systems. In doing so, you leave your mark so that any changes or improvements you implement will always have your name stamped on it.

This, of course, isn't the only reason you should give your time, but it a nice benefit of volunteering.

5. Enhance your resume

Volunteering can indicate that you have excellent time management and interpersonal skills, that you have the ability to lead and get thing accomplished, and that you work well with teams. These are often qualities that prospective employers will look for. 


"As I continue to grow my higher education practice, I am honored and vitalized by the opportunity to volunteer with PMI Mile Hi. Volunteering is a wonderful way to increase or try out new skills and build professional relationships."  ~ Samara Rasmussen, PMI Mile Hi Chapter Member


Benefits of Volunteering for the PMI Mile Hi Chapter 

If you're a PMI Mile Hi Chapter Member, you might be wondering why you should volunteer and get more involved with your chapter. Contributing to chapter activities not only improves the chapter, it also benefits the chapter member in many ways. You'll make a positive difference and have the opportunity to:  

  • Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) - one volunteer hour gives one PDU
  • Meet project managers in the local area
  • Learn new project management skills
  • Enhance your professional skills (writing, presentation, leadership, etc.)
  • Network with your peers
  • Maintain connections with those involved in the chapter
  • Help those in your community
To learn more about open volunteer positions and specific ways you can help, please get in touch! Send any questions you might have to our Director of Volunteers for the PMI Mile Hi Chapter: We look forward to working with you!



Today's post was written by Deb Lee, CPO®.

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