How to Communicate Seamlessly with a Remote Team: 6 Tips You Need to Know

The key to success in any business is communication. It’s the foundation for any concept, team, organisation or group of people that set out to achieve something great together.

However, thanks to the technology in recent years, remote teams have become a rather popular option for businesses to start using.

In some cases, this may mean some of the employees being able to work at home. For others, it may mean you’ve never actually met the other people in your team, and they are located all over the world. But this means communication is more important than ever.

To ensure your remote team’s communication is as effective as possible, here are six essential tips you need to know.

Use Collaborative Tools

When it comes to communicating with your remote team, you need to make sure that everything is organised and well-managed. One of the best options you can start using is a calendar that every member of the team can access and edit.

This means that meetings, group meetings, individual meetings, department meetings, deadlines and everything in between is all readily available for the team to access and you can be sure that everybody is on the right page.

Apps like Trello and Asana are great platforms for bringing your teams together into one collaborative space where you can communicate and organise all aspects of work effortlessly.

Communicate with Purpose

Before you start communicating with your team, or even just an individual, be sure you define the purpose of the conversation and make it clear in your head. This is because conversations can become side-tracked so easily and it could take hours to get the message across.

Whether you’re talking about a certain aspect of the project, you’re working on or even just catching up to see how the team member is, define the purpose and stick to it.

For more information on how to define a purpose or create a communicative agenda, visit business blogs like State of Writing or Academadvisor.

Remain Social

When you’re working together in a physical office, the ‘water cooler’ is the place where everybody catches up and has a little break and chats with the people they care about. As a business, you might even go on team-building days to bring everyone closer together.

Obviously, this is extremely difficult when you’re working in a remote team, but not impossible. Be sure to set aside time in the week for ‘social time’. This is where you can get to know each other and bring the team together.

You might even want to plan a yearly meetup where you actually meet in person if you can. Likewise, when you’re planning team meetings, be sure to set them at sociable hours where everybody can attend easily. You can figure this out using apps like Every Time Zone.

Monitor Progress & Work

When you’re not working with the same people in the same room, and you’re trying to manage them, it can get extremely difficult and confusing to keep up and monitor everything that’s going on.

One of the best ways to resolve this problem is to use tracking and monitoring apps or by setting project milestones for certain deadlines. This means you can easily keep track of where everyone should be in terms of work and who are falling behind or needs more attention.

Creating milestones and breaking up a project doesn’t have to be as daunting and overwhelming as it seems. You can even use editing tools like Grammarix or Academized to make it easier.

Celebrate the Good Times

When working as part of a remote team, it’s easy to get caught up in everything being about work all the time. If the people in your team are full-time, then all they are going to associate you with is work.

Instead, try to bring the team together by celebrating the good times, such as milestones being completed, someone completing good work, targets being met or even the current project is finished off. Enjoy working together, celebrate the successes and you’ll have a much more productive and responsive team.

Tools like Eventribe and Whova are great ways to help you organise these positive team-building events.

Your Tone of Voice is Essential

Consider how many forms of communication you have with your team. You can text-based chats, instant messaging services, phone calls, emails, video conferencing software etc. Your tone of voice in each one of these platforms is crucial to the success of your team.

The voice aspect is quite self-explanatory but even when you’re talking on video, be sure to mind your body language so you can be sure that you’re communicating properly, not looking bored or distracted with something else.

The same goes for text chats because you’re talking so often, it’s important to use emojis or spend more time crafting your sentences so you can be sure your team is happy talking to you, otherwise you’ll just be avoided, and the team won’t work.

For expert advice on how to master your tone of voice, even in your writing, you can chat with the expert writers at services like Paper Fellows and Australian Help.

As you can see, there are many things you need to be aware of when it comes to maintaining a solid level of communication with your remote team. Be sure to be friendly, approachable, and professional and give your team the time of day to talk to you if they need to. It's all about giving and taking.


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