Chapter News: Meet More Membership Team

Chapter News: Meet More Membership Team Members! 
Amy Bremner
Amy Bremner
VP, Membership
Hello! Amy Bremner here - VP for Membership - This week I'd like to introduce you to more of your membership team:
James McCoy is the Executive Director of Membership. Since 2014, James has been working with former VP of Membership Cathy Tinetti to get the mentoring program relaunched.  Once the program was firmly on its feet and running smoothly, James stepped up and offered to help with Job Opportunities when another director needed to step down. James has grown and expanded the job opportunities you have more options when seeking job opportunities. James saw that the membership team had grown, along with our activities and mission, and identified that an Executive Director of Membership was needed. James is the perfect fit and the membership team could not be luckier to have him on board.
Liz Muscia, the Director of Community Involvement, has a key role in team and the project management community as your chapter gives back and demonstrates our responsibility as a local partner. One of your chapter's 2018 strategic initiatives is the PM Day of Service (PMDOS). We are excited to give back to non-profits and charities by sharing our skills with those who could benefit from our knowledge. Liz has been meeting with the Queensland, Australia and Washington DC chapters to see how they have successfully participated in PMDOS in their locales. We can't wait to share what we have learned and start putting this project together for you in November.
Homar Alvarado is the Director of Veteran's Outreach. Homar joined the Veteran's Outream membership committee last year at Symposium and has now taken on the role of Director. By updating the name of the committee to Veteran's Outreach, we believe the mission of this team is more clearly defined and describes our work. We are very pleased to introduce the Military Guest Pass Program coming in the coming month or two. We will be hosting Jay Hicks in May to speak about how he brought military outreach to PMI Global - we can all learn a lot!  Welcome Homar!
Alexandra Falticeni, the Director of Events, has come up with networking, fun and ways for our members to grow as a community. In 2017, Alex put together happy hours, a Rapids soccer game with tailgating, a picnic at Bear Creek State Park and the inaugural Holiday Party - were you there? Alex's motto is, "The bigger the better!" and she loves a good party. Currently, we are running a contest to solicit good event ideas from you! Alex is giving away a gift card, so contact her today!
Connie Chang is the Membership Program Manager. Connie takes care of the monthly reporting, monthly budget updates, project tracking and always asks what more she can help with on our team. Connie loves numbers. She is great at looking for patterns and providing analysis of our membership statistics so we can bring you the programming you want. She is the positive light on our team and you will always see a smile.
Next up...Mentoring and Volunteering! Meet these teams in upcoming newsletters. Please contact us today to volunteer with your colleagues and expand your project management knowledge and earn PDUs!

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