Career Relevancy and Chapter Workshops

Keeping relevant is important whether you are new in your career or a 20 year veteran.  Relevancy can mean how you run your projects and keeping up on the latest tools and techniques as well as how to make an impact through driving innovation in your department and business.  Keeping relevant can be difficult if your employer is unable to pay for training.  Keeping relevant as a Mile Hi Chapter member is easy when you check out the variety of low cost programs we offer including in the summer!  Click here to see our summer series on keeping relevant. 

The August Career Growth Workshop on the 25th at Children's Hospital in Aurora will help you take your relevancy to the next level with two exciting presentations: Eric Foss's presentation on Driving Strategic Innovation.  You won't get bored sitting in a lecture with this event as there will be a team activity to put it all together: Participants will break into teams and assess their own needs and plans with respect to what they learned. During the last 15 minutes of the event, each team will nominate a spokesperson to highlight to the entire workshop some of the things they discussed. 

The second presentation will feature Lora Polowczuk who will present Unlock Your Next Project Manager Leadership Level: Become More Proactive, Profitable, and Prolific .  Ever get to the end of your day and wonder what you accomplished? You are dedicated, work hard yet feel like you only make minimal progress. If this sounds familiar, this project management workshop is for you. It is time to stop the stress, overwhelm, and burnout and live an engaged, energized, and effective life without craving certainty.

Next in our summer relevancy workshop series is on September 22nd to check out the Saturday Workshop at Regis University to hear Dr. Bob Frey discuss Visualizing Connections Across Project Management and the Business Development Lifecycle.  All participants will receive electronic copies of my Cross-Walk: PMBOK, Management Volume, and Proposal Development Lifecycle matrix, as well as two peer-reviewed and relevant published articles of Dr. Frey.  The Saturday Workshop at Regis offers a virtual option for road warriors or if you can't make it in person.

The final workshop in this series is with the North Professional Development Workshop in Ft. Collins on September 29th to engage in two presentations:  The Journey of a Startup with discussions from Mark Schleiger – CEO, Access Sensor Technologies and Joe Gersch – President, Invykta LLC and Special Asst Professor, CSU.

The second presentation will be a panel on How Project Managers Add Value in Startups.  Highlighted in the panel will be: 

  • Craig Mueller - Project Manager, Century Link, Facilitator
  • Ben Walker - Executive Director of the Life Sciences program at Innosphere
  • Denichiro "Denny" Otsuga - Partner, Rockies Impact Fund
  • Hope Hartman - Founder & CEO Escape Velocity

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