Northwest Roundtable Meeting (January 2019)

January 16, 2019
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
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Webinar - Live, virtual


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On-Demand Webinar Presenter (through  Mark Mullaly


Title: Project HEADWAY: Rethinking PM Education


Synopsis: For all that we know about education, and all of the training providers that exist, the training landscape for project managers is surprisingly uniform. There are introductory courses. There are certification programs. There is the school of hard knocks. And there is… not a whole lot else.

Part of the challenge is one of supply and demand. Training providers focus on what sells, and training participants very often go with what's popular. Creating alternative offerings requires shifting expectations and requirements. It also means being clear about the skills that project managers require, and the strategies by which those skills are best realized.

If we’re serious about project management gaining traction, we need to develop beyond the basics. In this webinar, Mark Mullaly takes a critical look at project management education. He explores how we have approached project management education to date, and the successes and challenges that we've experienced. He also discusses the gaps, the missed opportunities and the blind spots of how we think about learning to be project managers.

More importantly, Mark explores what can—and should—be done to expand the development opportunities that are available to project managers. He identifies what individuals can do to support enhancement of their individual skills. And he considers what organizations can do to expand the capabilities of their staff. Overall, this presentation explores what it takes to develop the whole project manager.

Whether you are advancing your own skills or oversee the development of others, this is a presentation you won't want to miss. No matter where you are in your project management career, this webinar is sure to provide a valued and useful perspective about education, skill development and maintaining the relevance of your project management expertise.

Bio: Mark Mullaly's goal is to change the world--at least so far as project management is practiced. There is no denying that project management has positively influenced organizations today; now it is time to take it to the next level. The evolution until now has improved how individual projects are managed, but by approaching projects as an integrated whole, organizations stand to realize even greater gains. Projects are successful today despite the organization, not because of it. By integrating an understanding of projects into the management framework, companies can begin to realize quantum rather than incremental improvements. Since founding Interthink Consulting, Mark has focused on creating the tools that allow companies to realize their full potential.


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