Vice President of Finance/Treasurer: Krishna Anantharaju, PMP, PMI-ACP

Krishna Anantharaju, PMP, PMI-ACP

My name is Krishna Anantharaju and I am running for Vice President of Finance position in this election. Currently, I am working as treasurer (same position) as a backfill for the person who resigned last year.

I have successfully led the team in this position 6 years back and have been in multiple board positions including President. I have been member of the chapter for more than 10 years and have been part of the board for most of this time.

If I am elected this term, I would like to streamline our banking and spend processes along with book keeping activities. I also would like to grow a strong finance team within the chapter saving the money we spend on accounting and book keeping every month. We are 6th largest chapter with very good financial strength currently, however we still have room to improve our operations and processes which I have planned for this term. I am waiting to see our chapter grow to number one position and being looked up to about our operations.

Vice President of Marketing: Amy Baccei, PMP, MA

Amy Baccei, PMP, MA


Hello, my name is Amy Baccei, and I am excited to run for the of Vice President – Marketing. My professional journey has been rich with diverse experiences in higher education, project management, and talent management, where I have honed my marketing skills. These roles have equipped me with a deep understanding of content creation, event marketing, position branding, and customer retention programs. My specialty lies in process improvement and optimizing team dynamics to leverage individual strengths effectively.

This past year, I had the privilege of serving as the Executive Director of Marketing for the PMI Mile Hi Symposium. During this time, I not only developed engaging content but also took on the role of an emcee, which allowed me to connect more deeply with our community. This experience was instrumental in sparking my interest to run for this position and sparking a desire to further serve our great organization.

If elected, my goal is to build on our organization’s already impressive social and online presence. I aim to refine our marketing processes and scope to ensure our strategies are not only current but also forward-thinking. Additionally, I am eager to understand the dynamics within our marketing team better. Learning the purpose why each person volunteers and helping them fulfill that purpose is one of my goals.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am committed to bringing my passion and expertise to this role to contribute to our organization’s success.

Vice President of Membership: Sreelekha (Sree) Karunakaran, PMP

Sreelekha (Sree) Karunakaran, PMP


My name is Sree Karunakaran, and I am running for the position of Vice President of Membership at the PMI Mile Hi Chapter. With over a decade of commitment to this chapter, my journey has spanned various roles, each enriching my experience and understanding of our community's needs. My dedication is mirrored in my continuous effort to nurture connections, foster mentorship, and encourage professional development within our network.

As the current VP of Membership at Mile Hi, this past year, I oversaw various initiatives, guiding program directors in orchestrating successful programs including Networking/Volunteering events, New Member Orientations, Mentorship programs, Job Opportunities workshops, PMDoS, Military events, and Member events such as BBQs, Rockies games, and our Holiday party.

My vision for the future includes: 1) Expanding our networking events across Colorado, with a special focus on the Northern region, and 2) Providing ongoing Project Management support to our nonprofit community. These goals aim to ensure every member feels valued, empowered, and connected.

Let's build an environment that supports our professional growth and amplifies our impact on the community.

Vice President of Membership: Cassie Lallak, PMP, CPC

Cassie Lallak, PMP, CPC 


I am Cassie Lallak, thrilled to announce my candidacy for Vice President of Membership. With a deep passion for project management. I'm committed to driving engagement and enhancing our chapter's membership experience.

As an experienced PMO manager with a robust background in project management, I bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the table. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing the project management profession, and my desire to get more involved in the PMI Mile Hi Chapter stems from this passion for growth and excellence.

Having been a proud PMI member since 2010 and a Mile High Chapter Member since 2020 it has given me firsthand insight into our community's transformative impact. My two goals over the next few years are centered on two fundamental pillars: growth and evolution. I would hope to grow memberships but also evolve our membership programs. I'll work to expand our membership base while also evolving our programs based on stakeholder feedback, fostering greater engagement and satisfaction.

My proficiency in stakeholder engagement and collaboration further strengthens my candidacy. I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to contribute as Vice President of Membership. With my experience, dedication, and passion for excellence, I am confident in my ability to drive engagement, foster collaboration, and elevate member satisfaction. I look forward to collaborating with the board, fellow members, and stakeholders to elevate our chapter's success.

Vice President of Technology: Kevin Chenoweth, PMP, LIFA

Kevin Chenoweth, PMP, LIFA


I am Kevin Chenoweth and I am running for Vice President of Technology.       

Project management has become so deeply interwoven into my career and professional development.  Since acquiring the certification, I have maintained the foundation and acquired new skills with certifications in Agile, Citizen Developer, and Data Landscape for Gen AI.  In addition, I have served at the Rocky Mountain Symposium in nearly every capacity for the last 10 years. 

My career arc has followed and often been led by the forward-thinking of the project management organization.  In leading the Oracle system implementation at Seagate, I applied newly acquired principles such as business agility, Scrum, and cross-functional collaboration in consolidating newly acquired European and US companies into one hybrid cloud system covering the comprehensive asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposition.

Within an industry-leading global sustainable packaging company, I collaborated primarily with European team members leading to the usage of Citizen Developer skills and the quick turnaround and resolution of complex data scenarios based on upcoming regulations and project plan deliverables. I also developed the project plan with AI tools such as Analyze to crystalize the project OKRs and streamlined communication in real-time instead of across time zones.  By “following the sun”, the client saved 50 hours by automating notifications and completing workflows.

I look forward to highlighting these technologies as well as maintaining all types of communication such as Slack as well as finding the next big thing for the chapter.

Vice President of Technology: Katelyn Sweeney, MBA, PMP, CSM

Katelyn Sweeney, MBA, PMP, CSM


My name is Katelyn Sweeney, and I am running for the position of Vice President of Technology on the PMI Mile Hi Chapter Board. Since joining the chapter in 2017, I have held roles such as Director of Strategic Planning (2020-2022) and Director of Application Security (2022-present). These roles have given me opportunities to support chapter leadership, enhance strategic alignment, and contribute to cybersecurity initiatives.

I have over fifteen years of project management experience, including a decade in the IT sector. I also hold PMP, CSM, and IT Project Management certifications, which provide a solid foundation for the Vice President of Technology role.

My candidacy is driven by a commitment to digital transformation and innovation. In our rapidly evolving technical landscape, I aim to offer educational opportunities and resources focused on advanced technologies, like AI, to improve workflows and enhance communication. By providing resources, members can stay on the leading edge of technology, improving project management practices.

It is also crucial to recognize and adapt to members' evolving interests in technology within project management. My goal is to understand member challenges, enabling the chapter to tailor its resources for maximum member value. This focused approach will not only keep our chapter at the forefront of technological advancements, but also foster innovation through collaboration and support professional development within the technology sector.

Overall, by focusing on these objectives, my intention is to provide our members with advanced technology training opportunities and resources to uphold the quality standard of our chapter's services.