Charles J. Knezevich, PMP, MBA 

ChuckKnezevichPhoto.jpg  Video

My most important goals during this upcoming term are to strengthen our chapter’s presents in our corporate and education communities.  Partnering with corporations in our communities to present the values of project management to their organization and show how our chapter can and will help.  Working with Universities, Colleges and High Schools on the importance of project management to keep us competitive with the world and growing the next generation of project leaders.  Teaching project management as a life skill.  

Continue assisting our membership with gaining and continuing their PMI certifications and working with companies to present opportunities both in profit and non-profit organization. 

I am a member of PMI and active in the Mile Hi Chapter for over 20 years.  Presently as the Director of the PMP/CAPM Prep Course, my excellent member instructors and I present the chapter’s course to members and those in the area to enable them to pass the certification exams.  I served as VP of Education (Prof Dev now) for four years (2004-2007).  President of the Chapter for four years (2008-2011) and Chairman two plus years (2012-2014).  During this time the Mile Hi Chapter was voted large Chapter of the year from PMI Global and placed first once (Rocky Flats) and second once (DNC) as the PMI Global project of the year. 

President of the Denver Metro Project Management Education Foundation (2014-present).  For the past 20 years the Foundation has awarded individual scholarships to the top students in this program who have participated in the Chapter’s annual high school project of the year contest held in March every year. 


Ed Ohrt, PMP, CSM

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Hello! I would like to first start by thanking Krishna Anantharaju for doing an excellent job as our president!  I am running to continue the work that Krishna was doing and finish the goals set in our 2020 strategic plan.  I’m also running to help the next generation of chapter leaders become more interested and excited about volunteering and running for board positions.  My plan includes ensuring the stability, continuity and longevity of volunteering positions, documenting policies and procedures, and making sure that board positions and directors have transition plans to make is easier for incoming volunteers to get acclimated quickly. 

I started volunteering in 2009 as the Volunteer Lead with Symposium, coordinating all volunteers and documenting the process and procedures for the role in the new Professional Development Day (PDD) Handbook.  After a couple of years, I volunteered for the role of Director of Virtual Meetings, making sure the technology stayed up to date and that our procedures for hosting virtual meetings were documented.  I then moved on to be the Technology Lead for Symposium.  As the Symposium grew, we had to keep pace with technology changes, including how we wanted to handle a presenter’s video to run from a back then, young Cloud solution, using two different technologies. 

Currently I am finishing my second term as VP of Technology.  As the VP of Technology my team and I have updated our ability to not only host virtual meetings but add audio visual equipment to be able to host a meeting at any venue.  The team was also a part of the recent transition to a new, upgraded chapter website. 

Thank you for considering me has the next President of the PMIMileHi Chapter.  Please stay safe! 

VP of Finance

Rafal Jankowski, PMP, CEM, PE

Headshot-for-PMI_VP-Finance-Rafal-Jankowski-20200503.jpg  Video

If elected as VP of Finance, I would build upon the established processes in place to continue driving financial reporting consistency and efficiency across Mile Hi Chapter financial operations, with alignment to Chapter strategic goals and the latest reporting requirements. Additionally, based on strengths and weaknesses of our chapter, I would adapt our approach so PMI chapter thrives in the ever-changing market conditions. Lastly, my goal is to further streamline and standardize operations to continuously deliver high quality and transparent service to the Chapter and its community.  

To be successful, I will rely on my professional experience as a results oriented, process driven Engineering Manager, Project Manager, and Mechanical Engineer during the past 20 years. Although an engineer by trade, I’ve reported directly to the President of a company, and worked with corporate finance, accounting, and legal departments, as I oversaw and managed engineering operations, which includes budgeting, scheduling, and financial forecasting. As an engineering manager, I performed quarterly financial reporting, including input to basic financial statements (balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements) for the engineering group. The prepared reports were consolidated into the company business in order to fulfill requirements of the Security and Exchange Commission, for a publicly traded company.  

I earned my MS in Engineering from University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland and my MBA, with a focus in finance, from University of Maryland, Smith School of Business. I am licensed Professional Engineer and certified as PMP and Certified Energy Manager.  

I have been part of PMI community since 2012 and relied on PMI’s support to help me succeed professionally. I am dedicated ambassador of PMI’s values and mission, and would like to give back to community by utilizing my skills, education, experience, and time. I would be honored to volunteer as VP of Finance. 


Richard Madsen, PMP

RichardMadsenPhoto.jpg  Video

My name is Richard Madsen and I am a candidate for VP of Finance. 

For the next two to three years, a couple of important goals would be to invoke the principle of continuous improvement with emphasis on budgeting and spending practices. Stock answer I know, but it is a fundamental necessity for our financial success, key to the chapter’s growth. Next, is to leverage the value add of the help desk and accounting contractor with event registration, PDU claims, and refunds and maximize benefits of credit card reward points.  

Certainly, worthy goals –so what are my qualifications to meet them? In summary, accounting experiences within corporate finance of top 100 corporations, whether in revenue assurance, tax departments, or operational management with P&L responsibility. About seven years ago I had the good fortune to serve PMI Mile Hi as the director of finance and VP of Finance. While there have been changes since then, never-the-less the fundamental operations have remained. Insights from these experiences along with many years within PMI enable me to responsibly protect the financial assets of our chapter that will permit continuance of excellent programs benefiting our members.  

If elected I pledge that I will faithfully discharge my fiduciary responsibility to our chapter in accomplishing the goals so indicated.  

Thank you for your vote.  



VP of Marketing

Debra Kahn, PMP

Debra_KahnPhoto.jpg  Video

As your VP of Marketing, I will draw on my 20 years of experience in program, marketing, and communications management to enhance the chapter’s marketing planning and execution.  

I would focus on the following goals: 

1. Establish a set of baseline metrics, and track them regularly to:

  • Drive marketing/communications strategies for key chapter activities and events
  • Supply data that can inform board decisions  

2. Develop a continuous improvement plan, which would: 

  • Leverage our metrics to identify marketing/communications improvements 
  • Include content playbooks to ensure continuity and consistency, and to assist with rollouts of new programs 
  • Establish processes for transitioning marketing/communications vendors when needed 

This plan employs my strengths as a marketing, content, and communications professional. In my consulting business, I have developed and implemented transformation strategies for my clients that range from content design to governance and measurement. As a content strategist for Oracle, I led the strategic planning and development of a product intranet for 5K+ cloud employees. Additionally, I developed a three-pronged approach to website metrics, which leveraged Adobe Analytics. 

I have also had the privilege of applying my content, marketing, and communications expertise as a volunteer with local non-profits:  

  • I served as the VP of Marketing for a women’s service organization, expanding its online presence and streamlining communications.  
  • More recently, I served as a board member for a non-profit behavioral health provider. As Chair of the board’s Marketing and Development Committee, I helped to guide the board’s strategic planning and brand awareness efforts. 

As a PMP, I am proud to have been an active volunteer for PMI Mile Hi for over a decade. It will be an honor for me to serve on your board and offer my marketing expertise to further the chapter’s goals. Please vote for me.


Bob Kois PMP, MBA 

Bob-Kois-PMP-MBA-VP-MarketingPHOTO.jpg.png  Video

During my terms serving as VP of Public Relations and President of the chapter, the Mile Hi Chapter has been recognized twice as “Large Chapter of the Year” out of the 250+ chapters in PMI Global. I’m proud of our impact here in Denver, as well as globally, reaching students and businesses as far as Nigeria and Rwanda.  

I believe we can use this momentum to build even greater success. My main goal as Vice President of Marketing for our chapter will be to build and lead a bright and active team who continues to serve our current and future members by increasing the perceived value of Project Management around Colorado. Some of the ways I will execute this mission include:  

  • Keeping our chapter’s name in the forefront of the minds of local business owners and non-profits through written PR, in-person meetings, and other creative solutions. 
  • Educating younger generations through programs in Colorado High Schools and Colleges, helping students develop skills in project management to enrich their future workplaces.   
  • Empowering volunteers who share our vision and work hard in their communities, both locally and globally.  
  • Use creative new methods to increase our influence and impact during the COVID19 pandemic, and continue to serve our members well.  

Thank you for your consideration. I have enjoyed serving this chapter in the past, and look forward to continuing to support our mission in the future. 

VP of Membership

James McCoy, PMP

Head-Shot-JamesMcCoy.jpg  Video

The two most important goals for membership over the next three years are to provide value to members by offering strong mentoring, job opportunities, new member orientations, networking, community service, and military programs.  The second goal is to provide a strong volunteering program with a variety of opportunities fitting members personal and professional needs in addition to providing PDUs, networking, and growth opportunities. 


My qualifications for meeting these goals are:   

  • Volunteered in Membership and held a few leadership roles for 7 years. 
  • As Director of Mentoring I developed the mentoring program which provides value to all members looking for mentoring or giving back as a mentor. 
  • As Director of Job Opportunities, I restarted the Job Search Skills camp building relationships with quality speakers, CTU for venues, and recruiters to provide value to members for resume-LinkedIn and interviewing skills 
  • As VP of Membership we continued strong networking events.  The Rockies baseball networking event has been sold out the last two years and continued with the holiday party.  I also make a presence to membership venues to mentor, network, educate about the benefits of being a chapter member.  I have also presented at new member orientations to answer member questions and attend board meetings to ensure the members voice is heard.  During my tenure, membership has grown to over 5000 members. 
  • I have bachelor’s degree in business management, a Masters Certificate in Project Management from GWU, chapter member and PMP certified for 19 years. 
  • I will continue to be an advocate for members to ensure the chapter provides value in networking, building careers, mentoring, and education programs and to recruit leaders/directors for a solid Membership.   With your vote, I will continue to be an advocate for chapter members  


VP of Technology

Kayli Bartlet

Kayli-Bartlett---VP-of-Technology-Headshot.jpg  Video

If elected my top two goals for my term would be to improve the membership digital experience and foster a collaborative working relationship with all chapter divisions and board members. 

In the first two quarters of 2020 we have learned firsthand the value of virtual connection as our world has rapidly changed. During my term, I would like to continue to expand and improve our chapter's digital experience for members by providing more ways for individuals to get involved virtually and find value and to make virtual chapter events more accessible and engaging.  

Fostering a collaborative working relationship with all the chapter divisions is also a big goal of mine. I believe the technology department of any organization should function as a brainstorming hub to find ways to continuously improve the technology options available. Having a good working relationship with the other divisions provides an opportunity to understand their needs and challenges to develop the best solutions to solve their most pressing problems. 

For the last four years, I have owned and operated a design and development studio helping small businesses engineer technology solutions to help their businesses grow. In addition to running my own business, I have worked for five years as the Director of IT Operations for an online training company where I ensure that the systems, services, and infrastructure work reliably and securely. I have also had the pleasure of serving as the Director of Volunteers for the PMI Mile Hi Chapter since August of 2019.  

With years of experience developing, planning, and managing technology solutions for organizations, I believe I have the experience to ensure that PMI Mile HI’s technology team exceeds expectations in the future and continues to thrive and work for our members. 


Emily Cellars, PMP

Emily_CellarPhoto.jpg  Video

As a PM for over fourteen years, with the last seven focused primarily on technology, my experience comprises management in IT software development, operations & infrastructure, IT audit, compliance & governance, and InfoSec.  In my current role at HomeAdvisor and Angie's List, I am responsible for the management and execution of the technology portfolio and I am a major contributor in technical decisions for the security strategy of the 1.6B publicly traded company.   

The most important goals as your VP of Technology are understanding & supporting the growing needs of the organization and the security & compliance posture.  With over a decade of non-profit experience, I understand the fiscal responsibility of this role and the need for cutting edge technology that enables members to participate in events from anywhere and with enhanced data privacy and security.  I am the founder of the 200+ member Women in Technical Infrastructure group in Denver where I manage the technology that host free weekly events.  I plan to assist PMI Mile Hi in offering more remote event to increase participation and value for our members while reducing in-person meeting expenses.   

As an InfoSec professional, I have overseen the implementation of layered security approaches to ensure long term sustainability.  I have maintained operational and auditable security policies, cyber risk assessments, incident response plans, and disaster recovery/business continuity plans that include frequent tabletop exercises.  I’ve managed IT audit controls for SOX and PCI and routinely meet with auditors for compliance walkthroughs.    

I’m dynamically involved with the Colorado Technology Association, serve on the Women in Tech Colorado Council and spoke at the 2020 PMI Mile Hi Symposium.  I’ve been actively involved with PMI Mile Hi for over four years and plan to utilize my technology and security experience to shake up and support our organization. 

Julie DeNiro 


JulieDeNiroHeadshot.jpg  Video

Hello everyone, first off I hope you are all doing well during these unprecedented times.  I am Julie DeNiro and I would love to represent you as the next PMI Mile Hi VP of Technology.   

With 38 years in Federal IT I have been successful and have a proven track record in managing small and large scale IT operations. I have rich experience leading IT modernization and process improvement while successfully guiding sizeable cross-functional teams.   

While holding down a full-time job and raising a family I earned certifications for: CISSP, PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. 

Most recently I was successful in delivering the Mobile Application for the 2020 PMI Mile High Symposium.  This volunteer effort was extremely gratifying because it provided everything you needed at your fingertips.  I am the proud recipient of The Gears of Government Award, which recognizes individuals and teams across the Federal workforce whose dedication supports exceptional delivery of key outcomes for the American people. 

IT is an ever changing world where tools change at the speed of light and new applications are developed daily, requiring us to better manage and secure our information.  

My goal as the VP of Technology is to successfully provide the highest level of quality services, security and support that PMI Mile Hi can deliver.  As each of us navigates the digital age, I will strive to have strong customer and team relationships to better understand your needs.   

With your support and your vote, I will endeavor to deliver successful tools to our PMI community that are needed, useful and provide you value.  I look forward for the opportunity to share my expertise and expand my volunteer efforts within the chapter.  


B.J. Raiford, PMP

BRaiford_CorporateHeadshot.png  Video

Hello, my name is B.J. Raiford and I’m running for Vice President of Technology.  I have 20 years of experience in leading and delivering software development projects. I spent the first 10 years of my career in Washington D.C. as a consultant writing software for various federal agencies. After leaving consulting I went to the automotive industry to lead product development for a global analytics and consumer intelligence company. I then returned to consulting to lead Product Development and Delivery for the healthcare division of a global consulting firm. I am experienced in building, leading, and motivating teams in all stages of the software development life cycle. In addition to my expertise in SDLC I also has significant experience in business strategy, program management, agile methodology, application architecture and design, and business development. 

The two most important goals for the Vice President of Technology in the next few years for me involve adjusting to the new normal of virtual connections and online interactions.  Technology is a huge enabler here and I’d like to see how we can leverage new and emerging technologies to keep members engaged.  

I am qualified for this position given my extensive experience leading technology organizations.  This includes everything from setting strategy across the technology organization to align with business needs, running large scale multi team programs, doing build/buy decision, vendor analysis, and data and analytics strategy and implementation. 

Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the future. 


Richard Rogers, PMP

Rick-Photo.jpg.png  Video

There are many important goals to achieve during this electoral time period, but the following main issues I see to that need consideration are: 

1. Continue addressing, as a board, the current technology needs of the Chapter governance including: 

  • acquisition of technology 
  • all support and maintenance of infrastructure and 

    data analytics 
  • for long-term goals and constant evaluation for any environmental changes. 

Board members will need to evaluate the impact and strategies the Mile Hi Chapter will move forward with to address the ongoing social distancing restrictions and what platforms the Chapter may make as practice.  Continued social aspects bring value to our local Chapter but we should be conscious of exposing health risks or alienating some members. 

To improve member profile management of Chapter events, meetings, training, Chapter social inclusion, job postings and PDU credit redemption via improved technological capabilities.   

For example, events that are registered for and attended should have a more convenient process to obtain credit.  Additionally, member event processing and registration should be discussed for enhancement as well. 

My experience to achieve these goals is my background in technology working on projects involving: 

  • Network Infrastructure growth and maintenance 
  • Executing Business Strategy and Plans of Record 
  • Social Media management 
  • Managing Virtual Events via the Web on multiple platforms 
  • Wireless Communication 
  • Service agreement negotiations and renewal 
  • Website and application development  
  • Cross Functional Project Management 
  • Large data analytics 
  • Third Party Agreement and vendor project team management 

I look forward to working with the Board member team to continually improve the Mile Hi Chapter member experience.  Together, we can make quality strides in moving forward with technology to support our Chapter’s local community.