PMI Mile Hi Chapter Board Election Results

The ballots have all been counted and the votes are in!


Please welcome our newly elected members of the Mile Hi Chapter Board:

  • Vice President of Technology: Emily Cellar
  • Vice President of Membership: James McCoy
  • Vice President of Marketing: Debra Kahn
  • Vice President of Finance: Rafal Jankowski
  • President:*   Ed Ohrt

*Please note This was a special election for President since that position will become vacant.  The person voted into President this time will only serve out the reminder of the current President’s term, 12/31/21.  Next year, the President’s role will be opened for a full term. 


The President & VP of Marketing will be taking on their new roles immediately, due to vacancies; the remaining VPs will start their “elect” status on July 1st and will begin their term on the Board on 1/1/2021!

Additionally, Liz Muscia has been appointed by the Board as interim Vice President of Professional Development. 


The next election cycle will begin in April 2021 for candidates for these positions with the election starting in May 2021.

  • Vice President of Outreach
  • Vice President of Professional Development
  • President