What do I do if I want to run for the board, or if I’m not quite sure?

If you are interested in standing for the election or just want to discuss your options, please contact Susan Kober at elections@pmimilehi.org, or 303-949-7636 and we’ll talk through next steps. 


How long do I have to make up my mind?

Election candidates will be finalized by May 2, 2020.


How do perspective Board candidates run a campaign?

Campaigning will be electronic only hosted on the PMI Mile Hi Election 2020 website. Each candidate space will contain a picture of the candidate, 300 written words on why they are the best person for the position and a three-minute video.  These three components will be due no later than Wednesday, May 6, 2020. These will available for viewing before and during the three-week voting.


What if I want to take on more responsibility, but not quite ready for a Board position?

If you would like to take a more active role, but are not quite ready for the Board, consider assisting a Board member in a Director position.  Directors assist Board members in one of the functional areas and are appointed by the Board.  To see a list of the current Directors and their positions, click on the link for the Directors on the pull-down list under the “About Us” on the PMI Mile Hi website. MileHiDirectors


What are the Board positions and their responsibilities?

The five Board position descriptions follow with an estimated time commitment.  These descriptions can also be found on the Chapter website. MileHiChapterByLaws


President- (Approx. Time Commitment: up to 30 hours per month)

The President is responsible for oversight of the chapter and the board. The president shall direct the activities of the other board members in accordance with the chapter bylaws. The President shall be the chief executive officer for the Mile Hi Chapter and shall perform such duties as are customary for presiding officers, including making all required appointments and chapter annual plan or plans with the approval of the Board. The President shall also serve as a member ex-officio with the right to participate and vote on all committees except the Nominating Committee. The President is responsible for maintaining the Mile Hi Chapter policies and procedures documentation, in either print or electronic form. The President must have served in one of the officer positions for at least one term.


Vice President – Technology (Approx. Time Commitment: up to 30 hours per month)

 The Vice President Technology is responsible for all aspects of chapter technology including acquisition of technology, support/maintenance of technology, data analytics, technology governance and long-range and annual planning of technology in accordance with any current or future PMI procedures and guidelines


Vice President - Membership (Approx. Time Commitment: up to 30 hours per month)

The Vice President Membership shall be responsible for addressing the needs of chapter membership, including membership recruitment, retention, and associated value delivery in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws. The Vice President Membership is the final authority on issues involving eligibility or verification of membership; and is the point of contact with PMI®Global Headquarters (GHQ) organization on membership issues including membership lists and databases


Vice President – Finance (Approx. Time Commitment: up to 30 hours per month)

The Vice President Finance shall oversee the financial policies, compliance with legal requirements, budgeting, and management of funds for duly authorized purposes of the Mile Hi Chapter. The Vice President Finance position is bonded, and fully cooperates with an annual review.


Vice President – Marketing (Approx. Time Commitment: up to 30 hours per month)

The Vice President Marketing is responsible for chapter-based marketing and public relations to increase awareness of both the chapter and the PMI brand within the territory. They will develop and execute an integrated marketing and public relations program to support member acquisition, member retention, event promotion, outreach activities, sponsorships and other related activities in alignment with the chapter’s objectives.