Meet our Volunteer of the Year

Liz Muscia

Liz Muscia started volunteering for prof dev about 5 years ago.   Liz went on to help and lead the mentoring program, assisted job opportunities program, and then became the Director of Community Involvement.  As Director of Community involvement, Liz led the chapters PM Day of Service (PMDOS) innagural event.  Liz then took on a role of executive director and assisted all programs within membership (mentoring, job opportunities, new member orientations, volunteering, community involvement).   She picked up the 2nd year PMDOS and increased the event by 40%.  Liz has been a valuable resource in strengthening and rolling out chapter initiatives for the last few years.


What can volunteering at PMI Mile Hi do for your career?

PMI Mile Hi is known locally to internationally for its strong corps of volunteers and abundance of volunteer opportunities. Many of our members who started as volunteers have progressed to major leadership positions in corporations and to board positions, including  the PMI Global board. 

Overall Benefits include:

  • Make key contacts within the project management community & expand your professional network
  • Take on a challenge to improve your skills and learn new skills in a safe, welcoming environment
  • Show your passion & commitment for the profession and the community
  • Impress hiring managers; they value volunteer experience.
  • Learn new project management skills
  • Polish skills you already have, such as leadership, speaking, writing and others
  • Fill gaps in your resume
  • Earn PDUs! One volunteer hour equals one PDU
  • Have fun working with inspiring, exhilarating team members

    Specific Benefits include: 


If any member is volunteering for a specific event (like chapter meeting, Saturday workshop), they are eligible to attend that event for free. These volunteers need to work with their event director or department head if they want to attend any specific regular event for free and this approval is subjective based on the event type/registration. 


Each director in the department is accountable for a specific event in the chapter. They are allowed to attend any regular event for free of cost. Department head distributes the required discount vouchers to their directors to attend these regular events for free. 

For special events (Symposium, WPML, Holiday Party, PM Dos, Region 6 conference, and Leadership Institute Meeting by Global PMI), department head (VP) provides a recommendation to select 1 or 2 directors each year and for each special event. Vice Presidents are responsible to balance the needs of the department by giving these additional benefits to their leadership. 

Executive Directors/Program Directors (Extended Board) 

These directors are usually act as back up for the vice president. They get all the benefits as directors mentioned above. They also are accountable for running special events as needed by the department. They get additional benefits as recommended by vice president of the department. 

Board of Directors 

Board members can go to any regular or special event for free. These include VP-elects shadowing the current VP. They do not need to register for any event unless they want to claim PDUs of the event. They can show up at any event for talking to members and spend their time answering any member questions. They are responsible for all the department activities. 

How much time is required?

Volunteer opportunities range from short-term commitments, such as a few hours a month, to long-term committee lead roles, such as Board and Director positions.

You will find many different opportunities available in each of our many departments. For an example, volunteer roles for PMI Mile Hi’s Rocky Mountain Project Management Symposium range from core team responsibilities that are a year-long commitment to shorter-term positions throughout the year and even “day of” positions that span only two to three hours on event day.

Ready to help and gain experience along with PDUs?

Get started by updating your PMI Volunteer Profile. You’ll use your PMI login information to access this page. Be sure to update your areas of interest to be notified when new positions in those areas get posted.

Then find an opportunity. Narrow your search to United States, Colorado, and Mile-Hi Chapter as shown below:

Volunteer Opportunity Screenshot of Completion Step

When you find a position you’re interested in, click its link, read the description, and click “Apply Now” to begin the application process. Your application will be reviewed, and you’ll be contacted if we need more information.

We hope you have a great time contributing to your areas of interest and expertise, and we look forward to meeting you.

Already a Volunteer?

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