30 Ways to Get Unstuck From Your Job Search: Presenter Marty Gilbert

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Many job seekers are able to fill up a 40 or 50-hour week that's comprised of search activity that really doesn't deliver as much progress as they'd like. They aren't uncovering new target companies. They aren't getting great introductions to key influencers. They aren't receiving many interviews. And they're spending a lot of their time answering online ads along with hundreds of other candidates and getting lost in the shuffle. THEY ARE STUCK.

There are solutions and during this webinar, NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach, MARTY GILBERT, will present very tactical actions you should take now as he shares his advice on "30 WAYS TO GET UNSTUCK IN YOUR JOB SEARCH". If you identify with any of the following characteristics, then this webinar could prove to be quite helpful for you:

  • Not getting at least 1 interview each week
  • Not having at least 10 networking conversations each week
  • Not getting at least 35 LinkedIn profile views each week
  • Not adding at least 50 new LinkedIn connections each week
  • Spending more than 15% of your time answering online ads
  • Don't have an outbound job search marketing plan
  • Aren't tapping into the "hidden job market"
  • Starting to lose confidence and second-guessing yourself

This webinar is very instructional and will discuss how you can identify when you're stuck... why people get stuck... and, most importantly, what actions you can take immediately to start making more meaningful progress by leveraging your network, LinkedIn, your messaging, a proactive marketing approach and changing your mental outlook.

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It is no longer possible to register for this event


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Date: May 9th, 2024

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