Director Symposium 

Carol Rieger, Email:

Director Women in PM Leadership Annual Event

Susan Kober, Email:

Director Strategic Planning

Tayla Balkovic,PMP, Email:

Director of Administration

Natasha A.S. Wolfe, Email:


Customer Help Desk

Phone: 303-482-2082. Email:  Help Desk


Director Virtual Meetings

Igor Negin, PMP. Email:

Director Web Services

Jared Winter, Email:


Executive Director, Professional Development

OPEN, PMP Email:

Director, Career Growth Workshops

Rey Rivera, Email:

Director, Professional Development Education

Chuck Knezevich, PMP Email:

Director, Roundtables

Gary Dagenhart, Email:

Directors, Workshops

Paula Carroll, PMP Email:

Director, Speaker Engagement

Julie Cooley, Email:

Director, Chapter Meetings

Dennis Bodemann, PMP Email:

Director, Speaker Procurement

Julie Cooley, Email:

Director, Operations Coordinator

Sonia Brocko, Email:


Executive Director Finance Operations

Oliver Olele. Email:

Director of Compliance & Internal Relations

Drew D'Angelo. Email:

Director of Operations

Bryan Borum. Email:

Director of Budgets & Forecasting

Angela Sima-Ceja. Email:


Executive Director

Michael McVeel, PMP Email:

Executive Director

Rachael Holmes, PMP Email:

Director of New Member Orientation

Mere Ramsey, PMP Email:

Director of Job Opportunities

Therese Sedillo, MPM Email:

Director of Meet Ups

Luke Dillon, PMP Email:

Director of Membership Events

Alexandra Falticeni, PMP Email: 

Director of Community Services

OPEN, Email:

Director Military Outreach

Verdon Tuttle, MBA, MIS, PMP, PMI-ACP Email:

Director of Mentoring

Rachel Hudson, PMP Email:

Director of Volunteers

Rachael Holmes, PMP Email:


Director of Company Outreach

Rodd Talbot. Email:

Director of Academic Outreach

James Rios. Email:


Director of Newsletter

Sarah Gorton. Email:

Director of Email Management

Jenn Briggs, PMP. Email:

Director of Design

Danyel Ziegler, PMP. Email:

Director of Events Marketing

Leah Arneson, PMP. Email:

Director of Marketing Analytics

Stefanie Saenz, MBA Project Management. Email: 

Director of Social Media

SallyAnn Prier, CMP, CAPM, DASM, PMP. Email:

Director of Video

Jesse Barlow, PMP, ACP. Email:

Video Volunteers

Ashley Cisneros

Jeremy Osborne