Catalyst for your success


A successful mentoring process serves as a catalyst for your long-term development and will enhance many skills for your future success. Our program matches mentors and mentees based on Program Guidelines

Your benefits as a mentee

  • Creative solutions to work challenges and professional development
  • Enhanced problem solving & leadership skills
  • Interpersonal and communications skills
  • Maximization of the mentoring experience
  • Earn PDUs

Your benefits as a mentor

  • Teaching others from your experiences – success and strugglesmentoring2.jpg
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Helping others through positive reinforcement, gaining personal satisfaction
  • Gain new perspectives and experience reminders from your past
  • Earn PDUs

Want more Information?

  • If you are interested in becoming a mentor or are seeking a mentor please click here
  • If you are interested in helping support the Mentoring Program in a volunteer capacity—or if you have additional questions about the program, please contact

Member Testimonials

Over the course of my job search, I worked with two different mentors from PMI Mile Hi. They worked with me to identify and highlight my strengths which helped me land the perfect job.


I’ve really enjoyed both mentee relationships that I’ve had through the program. It is energizing to mentor young professionals who are enthusiastic about their careers in project management and see real value in the experience I’ve been able to share.


Mentorship has been fantastic! And I recently found a job! Very much thanks to (my mentors) help! We are meeting regularly and will continue to as I start my new job. I am very grateful for the mentorship program!


It is going very well! (They have) stayed with me and supported me through a job change and a relocation so I am grateful to still have (their) guidance and support.


Things are going SO well. I underestimated how powerful it can be to have an empathetic mentor outside of my company. I’m faced with many challenges as I navigate onboarding while my direct boss is on parental leave, so it’s especially helpful to connect during this time.


It’s been great working with (my mentor) . I appreciate them taking the time to meet and offer suggestions. We have a meeting scheduled for this week, which I think will be more of a wrap up meeting. Thank you for touching base to see how things are going! It’s so great that PMI offers this assistance.


I got a new job as a PM at a small startup and started in the beginning of January, it's been great so far! (My mentor) connected a couple of weeks ago, and will continue to meet monthly, as I get more acclimated to my first PM role. They were extremely helpful in preparing me for my interviews, and I feel like their advice and tips were pivotal in helping me land this job. I will keep in touch, as we continue to meet