Refund and Cancellation Policy

This policy includes all events that have a fee charged and brings consistency to the management of all Chapter Events.  In order to keep the costs down for our events the PMI Mile Hi Chapter Board of Directors have elected to apply the cost only when a refund is requested. Cancellations of registrations for Chapter Events will be honored and refunds granted when the cancellation notice is received either via mail at:


PMI Mile Hi Chapter

2443 S University Blvd, Suite 252 

Denver, CO 80210


or by email to by midnight, 12:00 AM one week (seven calendar days) before the event.  You may also call the helpdesk at 303-482-2082.  We cannot refund, or apply to future events, any cancellation notices received after that date regardless of the reason for non-attendance.  In all cases, you may elect to have someone attend in your place as an alternative to losing the registration fee. The reason for having this one week cut-off is to allow for adjustments in meal reservations, materials & books for classes and timely notification of persons who might be on a wait list for the event. If a refund is allowed, there will be a processing and handling fee of 10% associated with refunds by check or credit card at the Treasurer's discretion.  These fees also apply to refunds requested because of overpayment or duplicated registrations unless covered by the exceptions listed below.  You are responsible for verifying that the amount that you are being charged is the amount that you expect to be charged.  If you have any questions about the amount being charged, whether or not you should be charged a member's or non-member's price or whether discounts should apply, please contact the VP of Administration prior to completing the registration.  Once your registration is placed and your credit card charged, these cancellation and refund policies take effect. The refund fees are intended to cover the costs incurred by the Chapter when refunds are issued, including but not limited to bookkeeping costs, event management costs, as well as the cost of issuing a refund check or the processing fees charged by the credit card processing company. Exceptions: In some cases, for example, when a technical fault of the website causes a problem, the fee will be waived; however, this waiver will not apply if you do not logon before registering or if you register more than once for the same event.  Logging on and being a current member of the PMI Mile Hi Chapter is required to receive the 'Member' price for an event.  The waiver will be applied at the sole discretion of the VP of Administration with input from the Chapter Webmaster and Board of Directors. A separate case where the fees will be waived is where a volunteer is accepted into a program after they have been registered for the event.  In this case, the volunteer discount will be refunded without fees associated.

Additional Information: Credit Cards: If you register for an event and find something wrong, send an email to or call the helpdesk at 303-482-2082 as soon as possible.  Most transactions are processed by 10 PM the day of the transaction so if the email is received at least two hours before that time it is possible to void it at no cost.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to void the transaction; for example, the time of day that the transactions are processed is determined by the credit card processing company so the transaction may have already been processed by the time the notice is received.  There are no guarantees made that it will be possible to handle such a notification in a timely fashion to guarantee that the transaction can be cancelled.  Handling fees may apply if the transaction cannot be voided.

Photography Policy

A professional photographer may be on site to document PMI Mile Hi Chapter events and activities. Photographs and video footage are the sole property of the PMI Mile Hi Chapter.  By registering for and attending these events, attendees understand that the PMI Mile Hi Chapter may use their likenesses for promotional purposes.  If you do not wish to be photographed, please notify the photographer on site at the time of the event.