Opening Keynote

Kathleen Walch

Managing Partner & Founder, Cognilytica

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen is Managing Partner and Founder of Cognilytica. In conjunction with Ron Schmelzer, Kathleen developed the CPMAI methodology, iterating and evolving prior approaches to AI & data project management given the realities of the rapidly changing AI environment. Adopted by dozens of multinational organizations, dozens of government agencies, and NGOs, CPMAI is quickly becoming the standard methodology for AI project management best practices. Kathleen is CPMAI Certified and is a Lead Instructor on CPMAI courses and training.

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Skills Workshop

Jenn Uhen

Founder, The Pledgettes

Meet Jenn

Jenn built The Pledgettes to democratize access to financial literacy, build a supportive space for women to evolve their relationship with money, and create connections so no woman is going after her personal financial goals alone.


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Headliner & Applied Knowledge Workshop

Sinikka Waugh

President & CEO, Your Clear Next Steps

Emotional Intelligence as a Power Skill That Lets us Lead Beyond Limits

Sinikka Waugh, president and founder of Your Clear Next Step, spends her days helping people have better workdays. Trainer, coach, business leader, and difference maker, Sinikka is known for consistently helping people improve their emotional intelligence and find innovative ways to solve problems and get things done at work. Putting her 20+ year background in languages, literature, and project management to good use, Sinikka has provided compassionate leadership in transformation initiatives and helped over 50,000 people have better workdays since 2008.


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Debbie Scheer

Debbie Scheer Speaks


Debbie Scheer is a seasoned professional in auctioneering, emceeing, and public speaking. She calls Colorado home but brings her expertise to events worldwide. Debbie embarked on her journey in comedy over a decade ago, diversifying her skills to include producing comedy/education shows and emceeing events from intimate gatherings to crowds of thousands. Her versatility as an entertainer is evident in her adaptable approach when engaging with audiences.

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WPML Flow Facilitator

Acey Holmes

Founder / Play Enabler & Advocate, Boredless

Connection Facilitator & Play for the Day

Acey Holmes is a passionate advocate for infusing workplaces and lives with joy and connection. With a contagious enthusiasm and a vibrant sense of humor, Acey specializes in delivering captivating talks, interactive workshops, and insightful consulting services that harness the power of play and flow to enhance productivity, fulfillment, and untapped potential.

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