Opening Keynote

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

The Power of Connecting and Communicating like a Superhero

Elizabeth is an award-winning speaker and bestselling author and has trained thousands of professionals to increase sales, referrals, and collaborations. Her trainings update employees' social skills, improves the customer experience, helps employers retain top talent, and returns joy into the workplace.

Her international bestseller Collecting True Friends, provides busy men and women the practical strategies to cultivate quality relationships everywhere they go. Elizabeth will demonstrate how learning better communication techniques can resonate with everyone you engage with (Employees, Leaders, Customers, Team Members, Co-workers, Family, and Friends. We will learn how mastering the art of connecting well with others can make you favorably stand out, advance your career, and help in social situations.  


  • Where and why we all fall short of connecting with others - how to be more likable and engaging
  • Understand the 3 methods of communicating 
  • Understand which form(s) of communication work better and quicker to connect 
  • See how to physically read a person from a distance to gauge approachability
  • Increase your awareness to tailor your approach with others so you communicate clearer (superhero skills)
  • Use feedback about you to tailor communications and approach 

Interactive Session

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

Ladies, now it’s time to make yourself even more memorable!   

This is where the magic happens... in this interactive session, our Keynote Speaker, Elizabeth, guides our attendees to apply the tools learned in her Power of Connecting presentation into action. You’ll get the chance to have some fun practicing the tips and tricks of connecting well with others in a safe place.  

We even give you access afterward to our Photo Booth to capture the memory and celebrate your new-found allies & friends!  

So, what’s the payoff to practicing? After you’ve experienced the approaches, you can make allies and connections easier. Just think how fabulous it would feel to be the “go-to” PM at work for that project you’ve been wanting!  

Afternoon Keynote

Stacy Pederson

The Power of ...” The Dirt on Grit”

Stacy is an award-winning actress, comedian, and speaker whose life was a perpetual mess. After experiencing failure in every area of her life-including “almost dying a bunch”. Stacy made a choice to reinvent her life one painful step at a time. Stacy has performed in front of thousands offering fun yet practical advice on improving their quality of life by overcoming stress, innovation, and living a life that matters. 

This session is designed to help leaders develop “grit.”  Some key components of grit may come as a huge surprise. Stacy shares tips and perspectives on what “grit” is, how you can model it as a leader, and ultimately create a culture that helps foster it in your organization. Leaders will walk away with perspective on what grit is, actionable steps to take for their own personal and professional lives, as well as a strategic plan for developing grit within their own organization and teams. And you are going to laugh! 


  • Learn practical tips on lowering stress to better handle challenging circumstances 
  • Mindset when dealing with relationships and difficult people 
  • Learning the importance of purpose to rise above personal discomfort 

Closing Keynote

Dale Wilsher

The Power of Purpose: Using your WHY to Rise as a Leader

Dale Wilsher is a professional development expert who helps individuals and organizations turn their purpose into full potential. She is the author of the award-winning personality book, creator of several online courses on personality, career reentry, and boundaries, as well as a faculty member for the US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute of Organizational Management. Dale delivers high-energy keynotes and workshops that teach her audiences to engage more fully in their lives by connecting their work to deeper meaning.

Running around, trying to perform and please, keeps you from communicating authentically, acting intentionally, and choosing with integrity. It’s not enough to know what you do, who you serve, or where you are going, in order to rise above the opinions of others and bravely offers your highest contribution, you must leverage the power of your WHY, the culmination of your personality, passion, and purpose. As an executive life and leadership coach for the last ten years, Dale is trained to help professionals inhabit their fullest potential so they can live their values, love their people, and do very good work. In this inspiring presentation filled with engaging stories and practical strategies, I will show you how to be more authentic in the workplace, develop your leadership presence, and influence those around you by operating from a purpose-driven mindset. 


  • Understand that WHAT you do, WHO you serve, and WHERE you are going is not WHY you are here. 
  • Learn what research says about how to tap your potential 
  • Determine your true strengths and eliminate any personality masks 
  • Learn how to use your passion to find unlimited motivation and strategic direction 
  • Clarify your purpose to become more authentic and courageous and offer your best self 


Kayla Garcia

CEO of Girl's Inc of Metro Denver

Prior to joining Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, Kayla served as the director of community affairs at Molson Coors Beverage Company. She led community partnership and investment strategy for Colorado and social impact programs for the North America. Prior, Kayla served in leadership roles at Mile High United Way and Denver Inner City Parish. Kayla is committed to serving the Denver Metro community and ensuring all Coloradans have the opportunity to thrive.

As Emcee, (AKA master of ceremonies) Kayla will serve as the host of WPML, introducing our speakers, facilitating the event, ensuring that it runs smoothly, and we stay on course for our action-packed day! Kayla will also participate in our "Power of..." panel discussion.


Gloria Padilla

Power of... Panel Discussion

Gloria Padilla has over 17 years of experience in the nonprofit industry working with adults on the path to economic independence. Life and her years as a servant leader have developed her into an innovative thinker with a solution-based mentality! She knows first-hand about the challenges faced by marginalized members of society and understands how one must maximize what you have and continuously think outside the proverbial “box” to best serve our community. She is currently serving as the Vocational Program Manager for Jewish Family Service (JFS) - a nonprofit human services organization that serves anyone in need – regardless of their circumstances or religious beliefs. JFS believes in a shared responsibility to support impactful changes throughout our community

We will close out the day (before the happy hour) by having a meaningful conversation with our panel of our speakers and special guests. Through this open forum of Q & A, we will learn how our panel leaned into their superpowers, how they define Leadership, what tools and tips they use to be effective leaders, plus their advice as to how we can be better leaders personally and professionally and aspire to be your authentic self!  

The Power Panel:  

  • Elizabeth Duncan Hawker 
  • Dale Wilsher 
  • Katie Vlajcic, PMO Program Manager for Colorado Department of Transportation; recent presenter of “The Power of YOU” at the 2023 Inaugural Colorado Innovation Conference. 
  • Kayla Garcia, CEO Girls, Inc of Metro Denver 
  • Special Guests to be announced  

When completing the registration, you will have the opportunity to submit questions or topics that you wish to explore during the POWER PANEL HOUR!!