PMI Mile Hi Chapter Board Elections 2022

Meet the newly Elected Board Members!!

Board Elections were held from May 4th through May 25th 2022.

Thank you for participating and voting for these key PMI Mile Hi Board Positions!

Please join me in congratulating our newly elected & re-elected Board Members:


Vice President Finance - Joe Komperda, PMP



Vice President Marketing - Penny Hill, PMP, MBA



Vice President Membership - Sreelekha (Sree) Karunakaran, PMP



Vice President Technology - Emily Cellar, PMP, CSM, CSPO, CISSP



These Board positions will start on January 1, 2023 and conclude on December 21, 2024 after a two year term!  From July 2022 through the end of the year will be a "transition" period between the current and newly elected board members.

Congratulations to all!

To our current Board Members who have served faithfully and expertly over the past 2 years, we thank you for your service to our chapter and to the project management community.

  • Rafal Jankowski - Vice President Finance
  • Debra Kahn - Vice President Marketing
  • Kayli Bartlett - Vice President Membership

If you have any questions, please email Sue Kober at