Growing the career that is uniquely YOU.

Is your career moving forward or backward? Professional Development Workshops rejuvenate your visionary planning while offering you access to mastering the most complex abilities, all in the name of ensuring a dynamic career. It's not about getting the next job; it's about developing a healthy, ever-evolving career that is distinctly YOU and that can take you anywhere you want to go, regardless of changes in your workplace or any new ideas or goals.

Ready to get started?

Energize your strategic vision: 

  • Learn from industry professionals, researchers & educators.
  • Enhance your soft skills
  • Network in a fun & friendly environment
  • Focus on the activities, trends, and soft skills you need to advance your career
  • Remain relevant in today's job market
  • Earn PDUs

Where are you in your career?

No matter where you are, this program will benefit you:

  • Recent college grad
  • Returning to the workforce
  • Project management guru with 20+ years of experience

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